Snow Day

An old song, but I like how it makes me feel. Kinda wishing this morning.

We’re getting so much snow.

Hope y’all are staying warm.

❄ ☕❄

In A Moments Time

From simple beginnings
A leader, yet not
Self cope, learned not taught
An ache swells against her chest
She, fully aware of the meaning
And where her priorities
Should remain, yet
A glimpse of cerulean,
Through a pristine white sky,
Leaves her swiftly restrained.
Wild daisies across an open field,
Tall prairie grass swaying
Is pictured, visioned longingly
With his strong hand
Pulling her in
Taken, once again

My Captain


Wake up, Captain,
Time to see what this,
Ol’ vessel will do.
Take me away,
The sea is calling,
Insisting on a quest.
Pleading, may I go with you?
Our boat’s broken,
I don’t mind.
We’ll fix her quirks,
She’ll shine bright,
Reflecting diamonds in my eyes.
Toss the map overboard,
A destination shows weakness,
We’ll go where the wind pleases.
Somewhere beyond,
These familiar shores,
Time relinquishes its hold.
Allowing us to release control.
Enjoy a voyager’s life,
Void of pressures or fears.
I’ve waited for you long enough,
Captain O’Captain,
Call me your First Mate,
Or if I’m in luck, your Lady.
I’ve proven I’m ready,
I believe in a better life,
This is destiny waiting.
Now fire this Beauty up!
Listen to her cough,
Smoke doesn’t bother me,
No, not at all.
This anxious smile,
All because of you.
Wave good-bye,
Tell them we’ve had fun.
Our adventurous dreams,
Have us fleeing,
Like lovers on the run.
Finding peace,
Beyond what is normal,
Past what makes sense,
Into a life of craziness.
This is our boat,
Her name:
Out Of Control
Or your favorite:
Will This Thing Sink
I giggle and reply,
For you I’d do anything.

Our Fantasy


I’m a dreamer and nothing more
Reality, much easier to ignore
This green is a part of me
Sings sweet music
Of folklore
Fairy dust
Fair maidens, it seems
Be my Robin Hood
You have to
You must
These tears
Falling are true
I’m nothing without you
Lost in a reality
I don’t understand
Yet, clarity
You seem to understand
Take control
Sing the verse
Let your strings
Pour through first
Lay with me
Under this fantasy tree
Put your able hands
All over me
Passion a must
You, I trust