Lay with me under the setting sun
Watch the clouds roll into the horizon
Allow your arms to hold me tight
Get lost in these hazel eyes
Run your fingers through my curls
Whisper of love slowly for me, your girl
We’ll enjoy love’s hues of ocean blue
While I consume every scent of you


32 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Audrey, your poetry just keeps getting better and better. This one is gorgeous and sensual. I’m glad it’s out there – it will start being read at every wedding – well, at least on the wedding nights. And to pair it with Mr. McClellan’s poem – WOW!


    • Thank you for noticing the work I’ve done. I’m glad you think it has improved. I’m trying. I enjoyed the image of this poem a lot. Michael’s contribution was a surprise and a perfect addition. He writes of love like no other. Honestly, it seems to come so natural for him. He’s worth following, Shari.
      Wedding nights will never be the same nice. πŸ™‚

      I appreciate your support. Lot’s on the stove right now. Hope your new story is going well…


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  3. Lay with me forever under the moon and stars.
    Watch the galaxies expand and contract
    as you snuggle inside my atmosphere.
    Get lost in the many layers of my love for you.
    Hold my hands as they pause to enjoy
    the silky caress of your hair through
    my tremulous fingers combing their length.
    Listen to my thoughts scream in
    silent exultation of the treasure
    I have found in the ocean blue of your eyes
    while I inhale you into every part of my being.

    M. Zane McClellan


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