Day Five – 5 Day Song Challenge┬á

Between He And I

i cried with Him,
wept, really,
as i gazed toward
a sovereign horizon.
i don’t want to be alone forever,
i finally shared. inconsolable.
yet, with understanding,
i accept: His time, and His way.
so i made a choice to cling
to my vision of happily-ever-after
and my adoration of its imperfection.

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Day Two – Red Headed Woman

Ms. Heartafire wants me to share my musical interests as part of the five day song challenge. Thanks for having me, Sister Ginger. I think you’ll like this one as much as I do..

The rules:

NOMINATE 1 OR 2 BLOGGERS EACH DAY OF THE CHALLENGE (I’ve made this optional…hoping that’s okay. If you want to participate, tell them I made you. ­čśë )

Day Two: Bruce Springsteen’s Red Headed Woman

What the lyrics mean to me: I like knowing there’s a man who enjoys a redhead. Enough to sing a song about them, too. Not enough songs or poems about redheads if you ask me. Smiles. 

This song makes me laugh every time I hear it. The man knows what he’s talking about…!


Mary Did You Know

Let the record stand that Audrey Dawn did not back down from a challenge. Two takes…this was the better of the two, so I’m going with it.

I was challenged to spread Christmas cheer by recording a holiday favorite and asking my followers to join in. I’m giving you all a pass with the hopes that you’ll go easy on your comments of my fearless attempt to sing Mary Did You Know.


Merry Christmas, Y’all.

I reserve the right to delete this at any time, so you’d better hurry and listen. I have no idea why my entire picture is attached to this recording. My guess is because SoundCloud knows it just adds to my humble moment in the sun. (Newbie!) ┬áKill me now. Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe y’all could┬álisten with your eyes shut for your old pal, Aud. Even though you can’t see my eyes I’m bright red at the thought of this post, but I won’t end the year being a chicken sh*t, so here goes nothin’… I’m down to the wire on this, as I was challenged a while back, but better late than never. I had to convince myself I could survive the humiliation I feared. In all honesty, I’ve never felt more safe than right here on my blog, Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister…

For Heaven’s sake spread Christmas cheer or this is all for not!

I think I’m nearly ready for Christmas and I hope you are, as well. I love you, always. ~Aud

Love Actually

The last few years
Like a dream
Honestly, Baby
I love that when you’re with me,
You say yes,
To everything
Remember our first movie
I laughed
You wore your boots
John Wayne, Ha!
We didn’t have a clue
I kissed you
When you opted
To shield my eyes
From everything
That cowboy’s demise
A powerful man,
I’d found,
Was suddenly mine
Our walk in the rain
No umbrella in sight
You made jokes about
White t-shirts
I flashed mine
And taunted you,
A bit
Licked my lips
I saw your eyes
Open wide
Thank you
For backing me up
Against that tree
Our eyes
So serious
Your mind
You told me,
It wasn’t easy taking risks
I silenced you with my kiss
Ran my hands through your hair
Pleaded with you
To take me
Right then
Right there
You said no
Much to consider
Not that night, but another
Do you remember
I’m glad we waited
It helped, you know
Taking it slow
The music you chose
Baby, that’s you
Your skin continues to radiate
Keeps my skin tingling
This life we’re leading
Continues beautifully
Thank you for choosing me

Collaboration done with Nitin at┬á┬áThis is the female’s version of a story between two people in love. To read the man’s perspective, please visit Nitin’s blog.

I enjoy Nitin’s poetry, immensely. He provides a raw, thoughtful and powerful image no matter the subject. Check his poem out and say hello. Thank you, Nitin. This was the most fun!


Ms. Audrey
Says good-bye today
My darlings
Please remember
To love stronger
To hug tighter
To sing louder
Than any other
New words taught
From me to you
You to me
There will never be another
Quite like you
Fantastic group
Good-bye, my loves
Won’t be long and there will be others
Demanding my attention
Hugs and affections
Remember today, always
I care for you
And will miss those sweet kisses
Monday-Wednesday-Friday group
My Panda Class
From here to the moon
My devotion is true
Ms. Audrey loves you

Boo hoo! Saying good-bye to my MWF students today. A Prayer Celebration full of angelic voices may be heard…just listen closely. You may also hear me weeping, too.

Grow Up, Audrey Dawn, Geez!

Yeah, I said it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Big Brother, Baby and Middle had me visiting them in a whole new way. Somehow, we’d begun more of a physical visit than a typical mental visit. I suppose that’s what happens when one of us moves too far away.

I’m processing the fact that I didn’t capture the meaningful time with my siblings over Christmas that I had travelled so far to get. I mean, if anyone’s due for getting what she’d wanted it was me.

You should just be happy that you had a chance to see them.

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