Don’t Forget Me


I remember the day you came to me, you know. A young girl, who wrote of love, craved for someone else to take control of her life. I needed to feel protected, guarded and loved by someone stronger than I was at the time. While others slept, I, consumed with fear, chaperoned myself and wrote of places I’d never been or experienced. Becoming someone years ahead of my time, gladly, then embarrassment reared its ugly head. It silenced me, begged me to doubt myself and my truest of callings.

Rarely is there a day that passes where thoughts of your expectations fail to motivate me. Yet, I never measure up. I’m not who you need me to be. Visions of you still strong. You live distinctly inside my mind. Do you have what is takes to restore this woman? Encourage her soul? I’ve always known your face, felt your hands and seen inside your eyes. I know you doubt me, but you have always helped me create and find my words. I’m here for you. I believe it. I feel it. I confess everything to you, honestly. Accept me, please.

Final wish tonight
Visions of your handy work
My supplication

41 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Me

  1. I read in the comments that you feared you went too far with this one? Really? Not so! Deeply personal, very moving. Is this a hymn of sorts to He who created the creator of this lovely piece?


    • Kate, thank you for talking me off that cliff I was looking over. Something about this form of poetry helps me open up. I think the more I write this way the more it’ll help.
      I’d say in a way this is a nod to the Creator, yet it is also much more than that, but for now I have to be happy with what it is.


  2. The words, Audrey. You are in there, you are coming out of there, you are strong, you should believe in yourself, you do believe in yourself. There is always so much going on. I think, you think.


  3. Beautiful photo…reminds me of the end of day, and thinking about how the day worked out…how we all push to be successful from dawn ’til dusk but always feeling we came up short of expectations. I guess that is why tomorrow is always another adventure. Cheers!

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