Writing Process Blog Tour: How I Write

I was asked to be part of this week’s Writing Process Blog Tour by Sharon Bonin-Pratt. Under a simple description of being “Sparked by Words” she takes us through her writing process. Shari’s blog is everything sparked by words could possibly mean. She nominated Jacqui, Ilene and myself to share our writing process this week. I learned a lot by reading Shari’s post. Please, give yourself some time and read her blog. She truly has something to share.

When Shari asked me to participate, I simply lowered my eyes, nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, Ma’am.” I knew Shari and I would be friends early on. Shortly after reading that she and her husband live in a eucalyptus forest in Southern California, I thought, “There is such a place? Too cool.” Shari, one of my very first followers, has sat beside me through my first year of blogging as a true supporter. She is a friend, I thank her for believing in me, and for trusting that I have valuable experience worth sharing within our community.

Now, for the record, y’all, we’re about to read more words in one post than I’ve written in six months on Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister. I hope you make it to the bottom. Anything more than a hundred words is pushing it for my faithful crew, as I’ve trained them to believe that I am now a reflective poet. One who doesn’t have a need for this much explanation, but truth be told, I’ve loved writing this post. It’s been a nice break from 3,000 words a night for my book.

Part of this blog tour is nominating three bloggers to write a post on their own writing process. All three women accepted my nomination which delighted me, because I didn’t want to have to go begging door to door or blog to blog. I have enough desperation pouring out through my poetry. Look for individual posts by these three fantastic ladies on Monday, April 28. I chose these three women, because they have shown such amazing support, but also because they work hard to show their personal investment to their own writing journey. I can easily get behind that sort of determination. I respect their goals and encourage them to keep moving forward.

Heather B. Costa

My name is Heather B. Costa and I am an aspiring writer who one day hopes to have her own book published. I only began writing seriously just over 12 months ago and it has gone from being a hobby to a way of life.

I devote as much time as I can to learning my craft and developing my skills and I am now taking my first serious steps towards achieving my goals and becoming a published author in my own right.

Kate Loveton – Odyssey of a Novice Writer

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader of fiction. Reviewer of books.

By day, my undercover identity is that of meek, mild-mannered legal assistant, Kate Loveton, working in the confines of a stuffy corporate law office; by night, however, I’m a super hero: Kate Loveton, Aspiring Novelist and Spinner of Tales.

My favorite words are ‘Once upon a time… ‘

Won’t you join me on my journey as I attempt to turn a hobby into something more?

Stacilys – A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World

I’m just a simple girl that is passionate about being relevant and making a difference in this world.

World traveler, lover of bright sunny days, experiencing cultures, good friends and conversation. I love my God and love my family.

I don’t believe that I have the Truth, but that I have a relationship with Truth and want to be closer to Him.

Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. YWAMer since 2000 and have traveled and lived all over the world –Hong Kong, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Australia and The USA.

I moved to Brazil in 2002, married an awesome “Baiano”, Daniel, and we have two adorable kiddies, Caue and Hannah.

I am certified in fitness and nutrition and conducted physical conditioning classes while working with an arts and evangelism team and schools. I am also certified in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners).

“A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World” is my blog where I write articles based on my faith, post fitness routines, recipes and other health and wellness stuff. You can also check out a bit of my music at http://www.myspace.com/stacilys

Okay, we’re half way done. Defeated yet? I can now answer the four questions that come along with the writing tour. I’m pretty wordy, so let’s just get to it.

Four Blogging Tour Questions:

1. What am I working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on poetry, but more than that I’m working on being Audrey Dawn, the writer. Does that make sense? Are we okay with that being part of my writing process? Imagine spending years trying to be the person everyone thought you were, because it made them so happy. I put on a brave face every day and made everyone happy, happy, happy. I smiled, I laughed, I helped, I counseled, I encouraged, but I never cried, showed fear, admitted failure or said no. I’m currently working on doing everything I’ve never allowed myself to do publicly. Well, almost everything, gesh.

Releasing the control I put on myself has opened me up. It has created the poet I’ve always wanted to show. I was afraid of the emotion writing publicly would allow. The thought of people finding me too weak or sensitive has become less and less of a fear. My writing poetry, and allowing it to be read, has helped me work on myself. I have a few very loyal blogging friends who continue to push me to submit my poetry online. I am also writing a book, which I am extremely proud of at the moment. I’ve stayed quiet about my book writing. My inexperience in the writing world coupled with my lack of professional writing credentials created a fear of inferiority years ago. I can honestly say now that the voice is not winning. I feels fantastic.

I went to college to earn a degree in English, which was coupled with a creative writing emphasis, and topped off with a social science minor. What do you suppose I do with that? Live in a cardboard box reciting my poetry. I’m a few steps ahead of that actually, so I’m living the dream. Yeah, so that means I can write people well. I’ve studied them a long time. Have I allowed the writings out of my hands in order to succeed as a published author? No. This is the toxic voice in my head doing its best to discourage me. My followers have done a great job of overturning that voice this year. I am forever grateful for every word of criticism and encouragement I’ve received. My plans to prosper within the writing community has gained momentum.

The poetry I write is therapeutic. I have forgiven, loved, hated, longed, prospered, achieved, yearned and dreamed through healthy emotions, which I have had inside my soul all along. Very few I shared with anyone, because as a controller of myself, I chose to safe guard my heart from ever being let down. Sharing what I’m working on is a process I am currently battling, and winning. I think it shows through my poetry, as we all felt that fantastic love, then the desperation, and currently the recklessness of my protagonist, Amelia. I’ll be sharing my book with you soon. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

2. Why do I write what I do?

Here I sit writing from a public library in Galveston, TX, after a rough night out on the town with friends. A quick bit of down time for me, as they do a little finishing up. Last night, a group of us ended the evening at a drag show. Yes, it was fantastically entertaining and an eye-opening experience. I was with one of my dearest friends and a few of her closest friends from college. One, of which, is trying to survive cancer. Her diagnosis is why they were all together this past weekend, and the reason they’ve been getting together every year since she was diagnosed. I began my evening humbled for being allowed inside their tight network. I watched how their communication flowed with ease. I am fully aware that it is the devotion to their friendship that has created their life long bond.

Watching them interact helped me to reflect on why I chose to start my blog, but more so, why I have switched gears and began sharing poetry. Experience, emotion and truth are what any solid friendship or relationship is built on. Correct? These are the universals to which we connect ourselves to others, I think. Consider it. The beauty of this is that we don’t even know the friendship has approached longevity, until relationship has arrived in full bloom, and we’re miles down the road of emotional investment. Then one day, we happen upon a cherished memory that proves our devotion to one another and seals our mutual bond. I write my feelings, because everything I’ve seen and read has in some way impacted my thoughts, emotions and my own life. I want to share my writing with a community of people who are investing in the writing process and in themselves .

3. How does it differ from others in the genre?

I am a performer, and I thrive on attention and feedback, but when I’m not in a crowd, I reflect a lot. I can go hours not chatting with anyone. Lost in a world of reading, writing, or visualizing its what I do. Currently, my blog differs from others of the same genre, because I am also teaching myself to be a better communicator. Truly, the only way my blog differs from others of this genre is by the timing of my emotions. One day you may identify with me wholeheartedly and feel a connection that could last a lifetime. The next day,  you could hate my guts, so at best our relationship has a survival rating of about 50/50. Are you willing to take those odds? I totally am.

4. How does my writing process work?

My writing process has always been the same few steps. Yes, I’m a creature of habit. I have a very short attention span, probably an undiagnosed ADD and dyslexic issue from childhood. As an adult, I’ve adapted very well. I attribute that to my ability to speed read. There is no other way when you’re working with a short attention span, in my opinion. Music helps me focus on my task, so headphones are a must when I need to keep from becoming distracted. There’s also something to the light pressure I feel from having them on my ears. Headphones tend to center me. Yes, it could be a gravity issue, I hadn’t thought of it. I have found myself in a writing fever only to notice that I’ve had nothing playing through my headphones for hours. Yes, this really happens.

Before I get to that euphoric writing place, I visualize by staring off into white walls, usually as I’m doing this I haven’t written anything down. What I do find myself producing is pages of doodlings. Letters, numbers, pictures, shadings of light and dark images are all found decorating my pages before my writing begins. I’ve often considered posting my doodles along with my poetry or stories just to see if anyone could enlighten me on my perfected madness. Yes, I’m completely comfortable admitting that this process of mine can’t possibly be normal. Tell me if it is, please. After about thirty minutes of warm up, my mind calms and everything I’ve held inside for the day pushes itself out.

I know, phew, that was rough. What I have found, in all seriousness, is that if I do not sit down to write everyday I become ridden with anxiety over how quickly I can clear my schedule so I can write. This is an awesome feeling inside of a dramatic setting, because I want to write and share my thoughts with you. I’ve never wanted to freely share my writing or what my mind is thinking. Not without feeling like an attraction at the zoo, anyway. My friends, this is something I would have never thought possible a year ago. My writing process is alive and well.

36 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Tour: How I Write

  1. Wow… I have been enlightened even more by this post… but I think that I could find even greater enlightenment if I could linger in your doodlings, letters, numbers, pictures, shadings of light and dark images. I am continually amazed and awed as I wander through your pages… Just what I needed in this moment…


  2. Hey Audrey, great post. And wow, it’s so great to get know you – AUDREY – more. It’s only been a short while that I’ve been reading your poetry, but I can soooooo tell that you are exposing yourself. You are writing ‘Audrey’, and it’s great.
    I loved how you said that you think you have undiagnosed ADD. OMG, ME TOO! I’m actually going to the doctor next Tuesday and am going to ask for, no, let me re-phrase that, DEMAND some full on testing. I really want to get to the bottom of this. After 40 years of life, maybe I’ll finally get some answers to my quirkiness. hehehe.
    Thanks for such a great post Audrey, and for honoring me with the opportunity to share a little piece of myself.


    • Hey there! See, now I find this all so very interesting. ADD shows up in the most shocking of places…!! I wonder if medication would effect my writing, which is why I haven’t tried medication, yet. Yet!

      See, I’m just a normal horrible mess of a girl, truly.

      Can’t wait to read your post. You have a lot to offer us.


    • Hahahahaha. I actually take medication, but it wasn’t prescribed because of ADD. I only found out afterwards that it’s the same type of medication that doctors prescribe to some people for Adult ADD/ADHD. I initially was put on it because of chronic insomnia. The doctor wanted to treat anxiety disorder because I would get so anxious about not being able to fall asleep, that it really made me not fall asleep.

      I love that. I’m just a normal horrible mess of a girl. I think I’ll use that in the future at some place, at some time, if you’d allow me. 🙂 It actually reminds me of my poem, “A Beautiful Chaotic Mess”. Hahaha.

      Thank you so much for your kind words Audrey. You bless me.


  3. Well, geez, Audrey Dawn, how the hell am I supposed to top THAT?? You almost brought me to tears a time or two. Meanwhile, I’m giggling at the thought that I even have a writing process to share… sigh.

    I loved your post, and how much of yourself you shared with us. I’m a huge fan of your poetry, as you know. Now I’m also a huge fan of Audrey Dawn.


  4. Hi Audrey, what a great post. I love Heather B Costa and Kate Loveton’s blogs – good choices – and now look forward to checking out Stacilys. It’s fun to get to know you better. I think you and I would be friends if we ever chanced to meet.


  5. Audith, that was really a delight to read. I loved getting to know more about you. And I’m super excited to hear more about your novel! (Also really glad that the discouraging voice is being killed!)


  6. Hey, Audrey dawn, I am so glad I nominated you. This post is wonderful. We are more connected than I’d originally intuited. I’m also a creative writing major, but I got distracted by becoming a completely unschooled artist and art teacher (then went back and got the art education.) So I’m also a doodler because doodling helps me focus, especially when I’m trying to listen to someone speak. Maybe a bit ADD?
    But you have definitely bested me – 3000 words a night?!!!! That is a marathon achievement. I hope you’ll tell us a bit about your book in a subsequent post – you’ve really piqued my interest.
    Thank you for the pingback. One thing you forgot to mention about yourself is your generous heart.
    Looking forward to reading your picks for this meme next Monday!


    • Thank you, Shari. I have become distracted by being a unqualified teacher of many things, why do they let us do that? Ha! No, its pretty amazing how our roads lead us. I’m not shooting out 3,000 every night for one book, exactly. You know I have a problem with using too many words, so loads of garbage in the meat of it all. I have a few fires going. I’m also journaling the story of my sisters and I, but it may never be read by anyone but them. We’ll see.

      Oh, come on, my generous heart is a mess of pleasing issues, probably. However, it is authentic, for sure.

      Thanks again, Shari!!


  7. Gosh, that was a long read….I fell asleep half way through Audrey…..I”M SOOOOO JOKING!!! , my favorite line was this one, “before I get to that euphoric writing place”. I like that, It reminds me of my own experience in writing 🙂


    • Hahahahaha!! Be honest, you did, right? I was napping in between questions. Well, we’re similar in a lot of ways, my friend. It truly is a wonderful writing buzz, huh? 🙂

      I just read your article this morning. I was about to comment when I saw your comment come across my phone. Must go back now because what I have to contribute is worthy of your attention, I assure you. 😉

      Thanks for reading this loooonnngggg post, Babe.


  8. Wonderful post, Audrey!

    This post has enabled me to get to know you a little better and delve inside the workings of your writing mind. Thank you so much for nominating me to take part in the blog tour, I have my post ready for publishing on 28th April and I hope it is one that you’ll enjoy 🙂


  9. You are as complex and engaging as I’ve imagined from reading your poetry, Audrey. And from conversing in our respective comment sections, too, of course.

    I think you should use those doodle-sheets as art with your poems.

    You could make a book out of that, too.

    I am quite impressed at your 3,000 words daily for your novel, in addition to life and poetry.

    Wow, Audrey.


    • Does that interpret to mean that I’m a
      hot mess, Mark? Suits me, actually. Thank you for your kind words.

      I think I will, but these are not buried artistic talents that I’m holding back on, I assure you. I do, however, find them worth mentioning because doodling helps.

      See, right there where you said novel and I said book, tis where my lack of confidence shows through a bit. I like the sound of novel. I rarely sleep before 2AM these days.

      Wow, Mark. *wink* Should we have a beer now? Phew! Deep thoughts by, Audrey


    • A mess of any sort? I think not, Audrey. Have confidence in your novel-writing, my friend,

      I will point to the southwest when I drink a beer at today’s noon Syracuse Chiefs baseball game. Best I can do!


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