A battle inside of me that I wanted to share. I think a lot of us can identify with what I’ve written. It’s okay to argue with God, the one who loves us the most. I love that He pushes me to strive for more and to believe in myself. I’m thankful He’s always with me.


Just show me what You want
Is it my truest of feeling upfront
I feel you shoving me into a corner
Suppose I fear judgement, ridicule and opposing statements
Who will protect me from my own aberration
I feel You don’t care

You push me to write where I’m not arranged
Yes, of course, I notice what You’re shepherding
You think I’m ready, I’m naysaying
The thoughts in my mind I can’t identify
Truly brought on by the Divine
I sense Your agenda

I agree, what I feel captivates and rings true
What You don’t tolerate is this girl’sย admittanceย to beingย frightened, too
Lost in thoughts of what this journey will allow
God, please come with me
A Pandora’s box of emotions will be used
I know, You know, I’m bruised

Twas it yesterday when those actions caused ruin?
A battle which seemed fated changed me forever
Because of you, now I must heal the deepest of wounds!
In order to show that Your faith in us rings true
How dare You strengthen me in Your own time!
I understand You think I’m primed

I’m forced to play catch up
Your Holy presence proves Divine
To question You, not my intention
I feel weakened by Your intervention
Through this I know it is for the best
A life’s quest


26 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Response

    My child, my favourite daughter
    Look around, do you feel already better
    Don’t understand, no matter
    The world is full, humanity thrives
    On all wrong things
    Consumption and war,
    Destruction so far
    No care for each other
    No care for divine
    Poor ones dying of hunger
    Rich ones wine and dine
    You are all in this together
    Test of resolve
    Individuality is ok
    But is it me who is at fault
    I gave you free will
    I promised you heaven
    Resurrection will come
    All will enter Eden
    Wanted you to keep
    Your side of bargain
    Care for each other
    Thou shall not sin
    The misery I see,
    Mad rush to win
    At any costs, killing fellow beings
    I wish I could ignore these horrible things
    You are lucky from the chosen few
    Who read and write, create ideas new
    Majority of your fellow beings live below par
    What have you done to improve thus far
    Keep you confidence, have your resolve
    Can I depend on you to get this solved
    Please don’t complain, you are fine
    I don’t believe you are from those,
    who constantly whine.
    Best regards God ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. It is good to complain with whoever you believe in…at the same time, I would suggest writing a rebuttal as well from him to you as that help you to understand divine issues, it you want I can have a go ๐Ÿ™‚


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