Sissy’s Lullaby

Sister, Oh Sisters I see our yesterdays so clear

Do you hear my songs whispering in your ear?

There wasn’t much I was prepared to say

If only my age hadn’t gotten in the way

To calm your fears, allowing sleepless nights to end

The truth for the two of you, I would always bend

I travelled slowly over subjects deemed too soon

Acting too lightly over feelings of darkness and gloom

Stay the child I have laying next to me, Oh Sister

Let me wish this dark cloud away

Oh let’s pray and pray and pray

There isn’t much a twelve-year-old could say.


18 thoughts on “Sissy’s Lullaby

  1. Audrey Dawn.
    I still hear your songs. This is beautiful.and.honest. I am also wiping the tears that won’t stop after reading it. ❀️

  2. If only our innocence would last forever and we never experienced pain, sickness, death, … and, if only we could enjoy those moments knowing/appreciating just as the sweetness of morning before the alarm beckons. We do what we can at the time. Hopefully it is enough because it was all we can give. πŸ™‚

  3. This is a song to a younger sister, right? I’m almost positive about it. But the professor must ask his dull questions at times. I like this… It seems to me that you couldn’t say things you should have? That you were trapped in a child’s mind? I don’t know. Just guessing. Like Audith would. πŸ˜€

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