Elusive You


Quietly, I approach the black night
Looking for a glimpse of elusive you
Never far away, yet always out of sight
I crave your flighty essence, my dear

Leaning into who I believe you are
I wait patiently for you to arrive
Shadows lurking beneath the water
I sense that you are incredibly near

Elusiveness keeps your heart beating
Day dwellers will never be your type
However, I’ve seen you rise for me
Your calmness soothes irrational fears

Some would push to cage your spirit
Others have threatened your home
I’m merely looking for a way inside
The mind I can’t seem to leave alone

Eerily the stalwart wind begins to blow
I’m reminded, night comes before light
Quickly you change your path’s course
I’m left to marvel over once in a lifetime

Wild Grass


Come with me, Darling
Abandon reality for me, please
I’ve something to show you
Bite your lip, no questions allowed
Remember, Baby, it’s me
We both know you love it here
Happy you’re following and I asked
Watch my long legs tiptoe along
Nature’s pathway of wild grass
A secret hideaway found beyond
You’ll know what to do
Take over and lead
I trust you

Deep Intuition


Deep into blue
You know me
I know you
You’re right
You’ve planted a seed
I’ve come willingly
Visions and feelings
Crystal clear images
Consuming our days
Write what I can’t say
Do what you do best
Intuition has a hold
You’re brave
You’re bold
Following your mind
Doing what your told
Show me what you know
I’ll be your flower
Sting me
Make it all go away
I feel the words
They’re on my lips
I can’t force them
I’ve tried
Feel this ache
Pressing inside
You’re in there
God knows why

The Road Home


Yes, you found it,
This is the road,
The one that’ll take me home.
Country girl,
With a heart for rock-n-roll.
Listening to your music,
Takes me there again,
Dark rooms with neon lights.
Strings that soothe,
The tremors at night.
Being swept away to a beat,
Fuels a passion inside me.
Drinks which prove,
A bleeding heart,
Will do just about anything.
Dance with you and with him,
Either way I lose myself with them.
This time I’m wiser,
I know what I want.
On the dance floor.
To a higher power.
A desire,
With swift awakenings.
Wrap me in your lyrics,
Teach me with your strings,
Let’s dance.
Allowing, your lead.

Raindrops Have Names


The dark clouds were here when I woke up this morning. The pinging sound on the window panes, as each raindrop hits, beckons me. Raindrops knocking at my soul. Reflective puddles growing in size right outside, so similar to what needs to be accomplished in myself today. The rain is taking the lead and nourishing everything green, and me. The scene has been set. The rain arriving today, of all days, is poetic comedy. A satire, it seems. It sums me up perfectly, don’t you agree? Oh, how I love a double entendre.

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Call Me Home


Sandy beaches are my home
But, you, my Rocky Mountains
I love and need you the most
My heart, Boulder Canyon owns

Allow me to lose myself in you

Colorado River, strong and bold
It is you I long for each morning
Quench this fight inside me
My desires I want you claiming

Allow me to lose myself in you

Your trees of green remind me
To everything there is a season
Walking through, a true test
My love, without you, life not worth living

Allow me to lose myself in you

Colorado Rockies, my tried-and-true
Powerful force of dominance
I’ve spent my life claiming you
Waiting for you to call me home

Allow me to lose myself in you

Spinning Around You


You have me spinning again
I think you prefer me that way
Left reflecting
Over how my need continues
To grow, wild
Learning promotes the dance
This, I know
I store pieces away
Parts of you
Constructing an image
You’ll never live up to, tis true
I’m prepared
For disappointment
Yet, I’ve decided,
I like you
My Sun
The brightest star
Surround me
Consume me with you glow
Beat down and invade
I feel your rays
Keeping me warm
I could get used to spinning around you
It comes quite naturally, too
I think you’ll agree
Us, me, you, we
Living a fantastic dream
Rotating within your forces
Consumes me
Gathers speed
Controls my thoughts

Do What You Do

Just perform for me

Yeah, okay, pull the stocking cap down
Run your hand through your beard
Whatever it takes, prepare
Pretend I’m not here

Just sing the lyrics

Remind me
Show me how to feel
Prove you already know
Take the wheel

Just do what you do

Feelings already sorted, better than I
Direct the deep notes, in my favor
Allow me to bleed
Waiting for your music to soothe me

Just play the tune

Let me fall into you
Silence? No, it’ll kill me tonight
Slide your fingers over the strings
Quickly, even slower, bring me through

Just make me believe

This music will ease
Regret, pain and suffering
I should have never even tried
Kill me, like the beat, softly

Jazz Music

I had a hard time writing last night. Going back to Ambrosia, who is now, Amelia, helps me remember why I’m writing my book. Getting lost in music helps too, I think. Always. (Inspiration for my novel found here.)

Empty streets
Dark concrete
Nasty puddles
No rain for days
Water still reflects
Visions of pain
Find me
I went there again
Corner club
Jazz, yes, always
Door man nods his head
Let’s me in
Watches over me, usually
Smokey air fills my lungs
Heart already lost, deep bass
Sunglasses hide his eyes
Head swaying
Beard in layers
Sorrow fills the room
Music consumes
Quietly I wish for you
Collar up
Heels click on the floor
Lyrics speak
Like a dream
Beat soothes my soul
I’m no one’s treat
Here for the beat
Tonight’s for me
Needing to breathe
Needing to feel
Needing music
Whether scared
Music helps
Mostly, I need to breathe

Your Hands

A working man’s hands
You raised me, astounding
A vision of brokenness
Yet respect found us, thankfully
Father, years of mending misgivings
Holding hands, you love me
A working man’s hands
A brother to me, oldest sibling
Strong, brave, forever loving
Growing up, you fixed our needs
Hearts, cars, music, dreams
Your hands beside me, waiting
A working man’s hands
Found you, awakening my dreams
Outstanding similarities, just breathe
Waiting patiently, my journey
Imagining and releasing all fears
Your hands, I’m offering them peace



Beyond time there is forever
I’ve been exclusively drawn
Past our realities we’ve been chased
Address: water dreams
No permanent place
White sails our home
Crystal clear memories to come
Lost lives we’ll count them,
One by one
Doing life without you, not an option
You’ve won
Follow me into forever
Each amorous night beginning,
with devouring our setting sun
Nothing but blue ahead of us
Leave the green behind
Teach me the sea’s sweet melody
Only symbolic option I can find
Nourishing waters will feed
Your Pisces, me
Poseidon will greet us,
Just beyond the horizon
The logic behind our fate
I was his
Now I’m yours
Dreamlike state