If I could stand on the sill 
Your cracked window, my home
I’d finish your every sentence
With one of my own
Caustic completed with growth
Tell me something I don’t already know


18 thoughts on “Close

  1. to be honest, Audrey, i find this a little strange and demanding, especially the use of ‘caustic’..that is not a criticism but a response from a reader who feels challenged by this…and then on the other hand i see ease and such intimacy between the two that there’s intimate understanding…i’ll go for the latter interpretation.

    Sorry for going on but good writing does that to me.

    Big Hugs


    • JF, you couldn’t be any closer to understanding my poem than if you had sat down with a cup of coffee and heard my confession. You have a window to my soul that many cannot tap into and I truly relish your interpretation. You make me feel heard. Thank you ever so, love.

      I’m listening intently, jf. xx

  2. ‘Tis lovely to be so well-understood (and to understand so deeply in return). Beautiful words to begin my weekend, Audrey — hope yours is splendid!

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