Powerful moments
Lost in yesterday
Mountains shift
Clouds will part
Creator of smiles
Poets connect
Your heart my first waking breath
Brought on through art
Words will find creation
Paint will find it’s muse
Photos brought to life by you
Conversation will find its fate
Spark creativity
Show your soul
Protection provided
Choose to dream
Waters may divide
Pay no matter
We’re alive

112 thoughts on “Craving

  1. Hello there. I really like this poem. I especially liked this line:
    “Spark creativity
    Show your soul”
    Wow! How else can we be authentic with our art, if it isn’t a reflection of our soul – of what’s inside of us.
    Really beautiful. Now I’m off to check out some more of your creativeness.
    Blessings =)


    • Hi Audrey. I’m so glad that you agree. My writing isn’t nearly as good as yours (I’m pretty much a newbie), but I’m honored that you would check out a little of my humble writing. Hopefully you’ll get a see a little of my soul in it.
      p.s. I like new friends too.


  2. Alive with the pure emotional fires
    Urge and longing to know more
    Keep talking, singing each other’s tune
    I thought I was immune
    Now a leper of heart desires
    Only you touch, my saviour


  3. πŸ™‚ apologies that you have been infected with this bug of responding and deep conversations in poetry AD, absolutely fascinating and brilliant πŸ™‚


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