Ever Been Her?

she won’t be the girl again
again seems too hard
over worked,
those 1,000 pieces
looked over,
couldn’t really be her now
tragedy, she may never have actually been.


15 thoughts on “Ever Been Her?

  1. I’m not sure we’re supposed to return to our pasts, Audrey. Perhaps it’s more prudent to learn from them, take the good stuff, discard the bad, and create a new ME — realizing that it’s our experiences (good and awful) that help us grow. Maybe.


  2. I love how you ended this. In the end, after a severe trial changes us, we question if we were that old beaten person to begin with. I think that’s a good thing though. A very powerful piece Audrey. I hope you are well.



  3. I’ve felt like this all my life. But really, none of us can be who we were even the day before.
    Still, I know what you mean, Audrey. Our dreams dashed and reality not much better. However, you and I still have MUCH to live for and to rejoice in.


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