Quablers In Love

This afternoon I drove for awhile, after work, before turning around and heading home. You see, it’s not a far drive from one to the other and I needed to think, so off I traveled.

There’s a pond not far and someone mentioned ducks. I adore ducks.

The only happening better than ducks is many more ducks. I was assured there would be many ducks, so I went to greet them with some corn I’d found. Nebraska has many corn, as well.

I ponder now if there is such things as corns.

Feet would say yes. And that doesn’t even make sense. Does it?

Feet don’t say…

Back to many ducks.

I found them and greeted them a happy hello. They made me smile instantly. They quabled a hello in duck, and then turned to ignore me once the corn was gone.

I understood.

I watched two similar ducks quable alone. I believe they preferred it this way. I was fixated on their close relationship.

I adore how they took turns quabling. Not once getting ahead of the other’s quable. Twas like an elegant dance for quablers.

“Qua quaw quabling,” he quabled.
“Quad quable qua,” she’d quickly quable in reply.

And so it continued for quite a long time. And then they were quiet. Seeming to be at peace with their quest for the afternoon.

She waddled over then, coming up behind and laid her head on his shoulder. Anyway, it would be the location of the spot, if ducks had shoulders.

They laid there.

I decided I wanted that too.


21 thoughts on “Quablers In Love

  1. In a previous life, I had a momma and poppa Mallard duck. They stayed on the farm and were so much a family. They would have ducklings in the spring and then the kids would fly off to wherever their wild side called for them to go. Mama and Poppa stayed behind. One year what seemed like a flock did their water landing on our pond. As near as I could figure it was the kids coming back for a visit. They stayed until the fall and then left again. Ducks are close to my heart.


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