Happy Birthday, Aud

Spending the morning with my father while he has chemo. Thrilled to share this day with him.


Sharing an old post of mine, which came to mind this morning as I wait, yeah it’s about a couple’s anniversary but passes for a nice birthday surprise, as well. Who doesn’t like cake?


Thank you for the love and prayers. Miss y’all. β™‘


25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Aud

  1. Had to stop and look at the picture as always. He doesn’t look old enough to be your Dad but maybe it’s just the lighting.

    Now, stop giggling and enjoy your Birthday!


  2. I remember the other post, Audrey, and how much I loved it. Passionate and loving, as you are.
    A different tone to this year’s birthday for you. Sadder, more worrisome. I want you to know that my heart is with you and your father. With you by his side, he’ll have more strength to fight this demon. Happy Warrior Day to your dad. Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend.


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