my fear is
I’m not suppose to write,
with want in my eyes

my worry lasts
until you’ve smoothed it away,
I’ll wait, forever and a day

my assurance defeats
the questions inside me,
mind & body, dutiful beauty

my hope lies within,
fingers crossed & toes curled,
passion will begin again

my knowledge steadfast
with what I know to be true,
I love, so will you

my courage insists
a poetic voice lives,
so I give of myself willingly

my soul has homily
because of wisdom I encounter,
it knows you’re meant for me


19 thoughts on “Believing

  1. You know, Poetess, I think ’tis harder to post/publish a poem than it is to do the same for a short story. Something much more vulnerable about poetry. Thank you for your bravery — your words have enriched me so often!


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