my obedience
recognize I am for you
servant awakens


23 thoughts on “Service

  1. Honor and obey
    Through love is the only way
    With heart awakened

    Magnificent photo Audrey… beautiful words…
    I shall linger here in awe of my “beautiful voiced” Goddess of poetry… while wandering through sun kissed clouds…


  2. Wow, now there is a perfect example of Photographer Poetess Extraordinaire. Great photo, and your 9 word haiku packs a punch worth a 1,000 words as well. Nothing quite like removing all that ties us down and soar into the sky and into love. Wish you a great weekend, looks like it is off to a great start already. πŸ™‚


  3. My gracious, Poetess — this one is lovely. I especially relate to the faithfulness it conveys. And what a gorgeous sky. Gives me hope that we, too, might see the sun soon (though boy, did we need the rains!!)


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