reflections of self
causes me to see
I’m not her
will never be.
fairytale lesson
heard, and told again
and again,
little girl, listen!

full skirt of amerillo,
beauty incomparable
she’s Belle
and he: her beast
there is no you
in their story.


24 thoughts on “Belle

  1. Such exquisite detail in the photo of this beautiful flower. She who longed to be the show stopper flower but was always relegated to be more of a weed, standing by, watching, waiting for her turn. I feel the unrequited yearning of so many in these lines.


  2. Everyone is the Belle at some point, but Audrey, this poem is a perfect mirror to how loves likes to throw itself around ~ and leave some pain just to remind people that at times life is not a fairytale. A perfect line to end: “there is no you in their story.” What is the lyric of Garth Brook’s tune, ‘sometimes God’s greatest gift…” Cheers to a great week ahead Belle πŸ™‚


  3. She is a beauty. Love the detail you’ve got in her photo, especially the star-shaped … stigma, I think. Don’t we all want to be a princess? And aren’t we all special enough to be?!!


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