Reaching out onto a trail way,
Quietly, she blooms,
Bashful, as always,
Appearing, however, for you.

Rain settling in again today.

Visioning you here, always,
Wandering about her scent,
She carries your tender touch,
As she delicately sways.

Your offer, lingering upon her branch.

Desiring her simple colored hue,
Nature’s best effort shown,
And your sweet yellow delight,
Will she continue here, proving growth?

Or shy away, afraid of the light.

Renaissance Man


I rode with my brother in law for a bit while the weather was cooperating the other day. I trust him with my life, so while riding his motorcycle I took a few pictures of our time together. Everyone say HI to my BIL, Double D. He’s been keeping my baby sister happy for years.

DD’s a man’s man, a diesel mechanic, and a farm boy originally from Colorado. The bonus is that this gem of a man is brilliant and plays the piano, as well. Nothing hotter than a Renaissance Man. My Sis can pick’em. Thanks for the ride, Double D. Love ya!

Open road
Ya wanna go
We’ll travel slow
Enjoy today’s breeze
Command the bike easily
Yellow all around me and you
Chance meetings upon going faster
Random photography creates laughter

Yellow Flowers

yellow petals
welcome me in
curves are slight
a simple delight
jagged tips I want to touch
perfected yellow pinwheel
straight lines
toned to stand just so
look at you
bright as the sun
amazing structure
you grow and grow
wild at heart
amidst the fields
I wouldn’t gather you
I’d leave you here
a perfect addition
for my red hair
placed through a knot
on hot summer days
oh, yellow flower
why are you so beautiful
placed boldly for me
am I jealous of you
or are my feelings
merely love
the romantic
in me

Thank you,¬†Paul¬†(click on his name to see the pretty flowers) I appreciate the beautiful photo you shared, our new friendship, and then the encouragement to write a poem about your yellow flowers. However, thank you for following my posts, as well. ¬†Romania must be beautiful this time of year. Enjoy! (Sometimes our silent followers need a push to say hello. Ours was a rocky start, but I think you’ll see the humor if you read our conversation under the photo.) Happy Friday!