Love Allows


crimson velvet petals
birthed from a thorny vein
only one request they’re fulfilling
for love, who’s done with emotional pain
my heart is deep enough to hold you
each piece of you, misunderstood
don’t fear what you don’t know
agree to become what never could



A beauty on the outside,
Slowly dying within,
Take me somewhere today, I haven’t been.
Don’t look at me in splendor,
Approach me with interest,
Center my thoughts, find my grin
When a woman is pensive,
Much like a rose,
Sat quietly in the light, beginning to grow.
Come to me she beckons,
Velvet to the touch,
Warmth of your heat, begins the death of me.
To be on display for your charms,
We’d take it no other way,
Unfolding petals, disarmed.

Crimson Queen

Dark footsteps sounding
A calmness overtakes
You’re coming
Release me
I’m begging
Allow her to breathe
Your power
I’m ready
Take all of me
Invite her senses
Welcome her inside
I’m ready
By agreeing
Your world will change
Stay impressionable
It would behoove you
Yet, I’m ready
My name on your lips
Princess of Darkness
How little you truly know
My dear, my love
I see my throne
Make room
I’m ready
I will
Command your lips
You will
Identify my new name
The Crimson Queen
In all her beauty