Sitting in a crowed coffee shop
Instrumental music plays
Deepest notes, each one
Sound like you,
If you were a note,
Deepest faith, 
Deepest devotion,
Deepest love, 
One I could have seen
Relying on
And she must have thought so, too


30 thoughts on “Blindsided 

    • I just tried commenting on your post today and it wouldn’t let me.

      Just so you see it..
      U books are tough. However, I just finished a book this year by the name of Uglies. It’s a dystopian post-apocalypse story about a young girl who cannot wait to turn 16 and become “pretty”. Basically a coming of age situation where life suddenly becomes amazing. The twist sets in when the young girl’s BF leaves the night before the change, which is a tough process. Anyway, my daughter wanted to read it, so I read it with her knowing many questions would arise. A good story and I’d recommend it to teenagers looking for a summer read.

      I plan on picking up your selection, Shari. Sounds good. Once again, you’ve done a great job of explaining, contrary to your thought. 🙂


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