I saw a yellow finch today,
he dropped in and
perched atop a leafy branch
way up high.
he flirted a little
I winked back.
above us even further,
six more fluttered by.
I giggled,
told the neighbor
the Finches made it.
I’ve missed them,
the bunny in the backyard, too.


Reading this interpretation after writing my poem made me smile. 


19 thoughts on “Familiar 

  1. Yellow Finches are so special! They make me smile, as did your lovely description. By the way, if you need bunnies, we’ve got LOTS of them (they know Dallas won’t bother them, so they love our backyard!)

  2. Thanks for making me smile. We love seeing the birds return in the spring, along with the bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks that get out more often now.

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