when he becomes
more than just a dream,
my heart will beat
the sound of a thousand drums
my soul will ache
with the clinching of needy fists
my mind will race
towards a feminine understanding,
and butterflies will
make sense again.
their existence
somehow unbelievable,
until then.


I saw a yellow finch today,
he dropped in and
perched atop a leafy branch
way up high.
he flirted a little
I winked back.
above us even further,
six more fluttered by.
I giggled,
told the neighbor
the Finches made it.
I’ve missed them,
the bunny in the backyard, too.


Reading this interpretation after writing my poem made me smile. 


Poetry I crave and read daily
Minds I want to rip open and see
How can it be, words written perfectly
Faceless poetry it spins me
Forever lost in thoughts of might have been
all uniquely

Words which inspire a nation
An analyzer, who questions a lifetime
My Dear, you theorize
Create thinking or even dreaming
Show me Divine perfection
absorbed daily

Music played to reach my soul
Find me beyond the stars
I ache while each note played
I hear you in every melody
Make it yo-yo; I don’t care
play for me

Pictures taken with a keen eye
I imagine them taking me somewhere
Close the distance between you and me
Make me laugh, face my fears, even cry
Show me life on the other side
do it slowly

Paintings create emotion regularly
Colors help me think and release
Black and white take me to places of dark
The sexiest of the arts, painters feel humanity
Search the eyes of the one in charge
paint me pretty