The Colors of Dawn

She began pastel pink, airy and light
a sense of normalcy.


Placing herself gently upon wide open and encompassing blue.


As if appearing for the sole purpose of approval, geese, in v formation, fly through.

Scene Highlighted. 


Vibrant, at the snap of his command.

Passion, becomes the color of morning.


35 thoughts on “The Colors of Dawn

  1. If only the world would last each day as it begins, lovely and sweet and so full of promise.

    I’ve been meaning to tell you how gorgeous your photos are, Audrey, one after the other, so beautiful. You’re a wonderful photographer and poet –


  2. This photograph is tremendously powerful making one feel so small in comparison. Gorgeous shot and the colors had me wowing, Audrey. LOVED your poem. Thank you for this sparkle of Bright! ❤


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