Look above where you’re going
And believe you can fly

I keep searching for answers
Trying on different socks for size

Instead of kicking rocks ahead
I’m wishing for someone else’s life

Simplicity translates, and its staring back at me:
Stupid, take your own advice

But then I’m left defeated
Already familiar with my set of lies

The Colors of Dawn

She began pastel pink, airy and light
a sense of normalcy.


Placing herself gently upon wide open and encompassing blue.


As if appearing for the sole purpose of approval, geese, in v formation, fly through.

Scene Highlighted. 


Vibrant, at the snap of his command.

Passion, becomes the color of morning.

Giggling Siblings


A photo received this evening
Via Assholes, it seems
Giggle worthy, I believe
Siblings, teasing me
Oldest Sister always clouding
Viewing and capturing daily
Poetic puffs of creativity
Eleven floors up, they see
A spectacular moon beaming
Redheaded Sister will envy
A moon over the Rockies
Pay no mind to the glaring
It’s sparkling somewhere brightly
None of us can accept or believe
Our father has Cancer, weeping
But humor’s alive and well, Roomies
Oldest Sister is finally, giggling
Hospitals can be so very boring
Tease Dad for flirting with Nurse “Nelly”
And let this Cloud Poetess be


Yes, we received the worst news this weekend. Dad has Lukhemia. We’re all shocked and terrified, but he finally agreed to attempt treatment. Praising God this evening. My three siblings are with him in Denver and I’m in Houston. What a bummer. I am staying positive. I have to, you know.

In true family style…we try to keep smiling. I love you Big Brother, Middle and Baby with all my heart. Love this Father of ours so very much, however, the next time I see you guys I’m gonna kick your asses. I cannot believe y’all sit around and make fun of my cloud pictures!! How rude! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Man, do I love you!! *giggles*

(Yes, my first reaction was to reply by calling them Assholes, so I did. They pissed themselves laughing. ..I do not apologize.  Haha!)

Oh, and a few more pictures they sent me this weekend. For your viewing pleasure:


They literally have laughed me to scorn! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is complete cloud coverage, y’all. (See, I’m completely justified in calling them assholes, I think.) ๐Ÿ˜€

Wide Open

Possibilities endless
Progressing in a forward motion
Green on both sides like arms
Submissive smiles
Spring has arrived
Open road which offer curves
Thank you
May we all acquire what we deserve
Could this solve suffering
Somewhere there will always be a no,
Remember those who say yes
Shout from the top of the rolling hills
Life is worth living
Every bit
Take this road fast, as it transcends
Wide open destiny