Peaceful Guard

Claim envelopes dawn
Monochrome protects sunshine
Moon nods, not today


31 thoughts on “Peaceful Guard

  1. There is such beauty in the fog
    Like other worldly imaginations
    Often where I linger
    For that is where I may find ‘you’

    Good morning Audrey Dawn
    Thank you for allowing me to linger
    In your beautiful poetry…

    I will wander in your artistry
    Vanish silently into the distance
    Like the fog beyond the sunrise…
    Like the calm before the dawn…

    Have a beautiful day…


    • Do you find me there, Michael, because it’s where I’ve been for too long? Or because fog is what suits me best. Either way, I’m thankful to be found. Heard. And considered, if even for a minute.
      You are welcome here, as is your spirit. Poets are my favorite sort of beast.
      Those last few lines are beautiful, Michael.
      Like the smell of green
      The evening before spring.
      Thank you for finding me.


  2. You have got to be kidding me! Audrey, make this 3 other pictures on WP I’ve seen fog pics today!! Unbelievable! What is up with that????? We are all in sync today or something! The odds of that happening are infinite. Just wow!! 🙂


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