Like Driving Out of Control

All I want is you,
To make you proud
When all I can do
Is be me, when is
Enough good enough?
My steering wheel has
Too much bulk, my fingertips
Are cold, hold on, while
My heart drives out
Of control.
These shoes today, a horrible
Choice. Sure, watch me limp
Across the street,
Ha, still me wishful
Thinking, longing.
Curly hair, blown by
Monday’s fluttering wind
Let it be, messy again.
My mind spins against time
And all I hear is patience,
I’m fighting my
Inner child


32 thoughts on “Like Driving Out of Control

  1. The inner child at the end surprised me – because I was feeling a relationship of a different sort at first
    -but liked that twist and liked every single word!
    I like your poetry style


  2. Dont Fight, Let her play and laugh and smile and be Joyful. YOU deserve every moment of Joy your inner child wants to give you πŸ™‚

    loved this, it made me smile!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. “Enough” is always good enough, Audrey. If it isn’t, it’s the other person’s problem, not yours! All you can do is be the best Audrey you can be and leave the rest in God’s hands.


    • In (really) brief form, I love about anything that takes fuel and moves. My baby is my street legal road racer. Looks totally stock up top and a World Cup car underneath. Haven’t fired it up in almost two years. Rarely touched over last 15 years to keep peace. It will be leaving someday soon but I might take one last ride. Shame it couldn’t be on that road. Some things are worked on as you intend to have them forever and then forever ends. Sad really.


    • Might I rally for you to keep that racer, Sir? In my humble opinion, you need this hobby now more than ever. Not enjoying it to the fullest, over the years, is what saddens me the most. For all that is right about this world, please take this car for a drive. A fast ride. You’ve proven your dedication to your family, job and God, so now dedicate some time and effort to YOU. Work on what makes you tick, brings you joy and refuels your drive to live life to the fullest. You are deserving…

      My big brother used to take me driving through the pasture in a 1967 Chey, three on the tree. He’d created a race track of sorts and the dips and curves used to make me squeal with fear and excitement all at the same time. He would laugh. I could see the passion for cars and adrenaline in his eyes. Went on to be a member of a race car team for 15 years. I still love to go for drives with him. Always an adventure.


    • Sadly “Baby” (Yes, that’s her name. Might be a post there.) will go due to unnecessary hate. I bought and built her to have as my toy over the years but she was always deemed the least important thing. My wants and desires always came last. I did not approve but I was doing everything I could to show support for my marriage, spouse and home. I was determined to make it last and fulfill my vow. She has become another needless casualty. In years to come I will miss her but I love my girl more and need to put her care first.



    • Ok, another quickie.

      I had cars, lots of cars, and they all had a reputation. I didn’t talk, I let them speak for me and they said enough. I got them, built them and sold them and they all had names. This one was different. It was bought to be my last one, my keeper for life. It was built properly from the start and everyone knee it wasn’t going up in six moths or a year to the high bidder. So everyone referred to it as my baby. Oddly it’s the only one I didn’t name, it simply became known as “Baby”.


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