don’t apologize
misery leads excuses
reaction, enough


25 thoughts on “Effort

  1. Direct. Intense. Almost a flower’s response to any number of things that we can not acknowledge or accommodate in our minds at times. Your words regardless of their tone or mood I always find striking and comforting from so many angles. We need to talk more about that idea we’re tinkering with eh?
    Talk soon : ) xoxo

    • Thank you, Duke. Mant poets tend to write what is on their heart, and I’m no different. Sometimes I allow for these sidewinders to be read. Funny how easily I can remember why the haiku was written. Anyway, thanks again, and yes we did talk about putting your music to one of my poems. I haven’t forgotten. Just not there yet.

    • I used to write poems and prose but writer’s block and dry well syndrome has hit me for the last few years but I transferred it in to the music I create now which is my way of being poetic. But your words always strike many chords ; ) with me. the depth you touch has no equal because it is from you and no one else write like you so for what you post I am grateful. : )

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