Quick Update

Hey, all y’all! I know you’re wondering, so I’m giving you an update of sorts. I have new poetry in the morning, but for now a few highlights from the last two months…


1. Celebrated my two month anniversay as a Small Group Coordinator.

2. In June, I’ll have lived back in Nebraska for six months. #relocationisn’tfortheweak

3. I found a home.

4. I’m packing to move next week.

5. A long summer ahead without my children. #PackthemforHouston

6. I’m busy being a full-time single mom, but I have my smile.

7. I haven’t worked this hard for myself ever.

8. I had to find my pug, Oscar, a new home.

9. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my siblings and their families again.
# lovethem

10. I’ve come to terms with letting go of what I had planned so as to accept what has been waiting for me…

P.S. I love my new job. I’ll cry typing about it, so I won’t…

My focus this summer is to get back to sharing my poetry. I’m also quite behind on reading, so I’m taking time in the evening to read what I’ve missed. You’ll see me soon. Promise.

Tomorrow I leave for Kansas. My Grandfather turned 90 years old today. Saturday is his birthday party. I look forward to inspiration while driving the Midwest this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for being my constants throughout an incredibly hard few years, while letting go of what I couldn’t save. You guys are the best of the best.

I love you,



43 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Audith! All good things. I know sometimes things can just be so…tough. But all good, you know. God has it like you said. Oscar will be fine, too, don’t worry. (Maybe once you get settled you can get a pet antelope. That’d be sweet. #cool) Anyways, congrats on your new job and new house!


  2. Oh Audrey, what a wonderful post. Thank you so so so much for sharing this with us. I can’t imagine what you have experienced over these past few months, almost year actually. I hope and pray that you settle so well and peaceful into your new normal, my friend.
    God has great plans for you.
    πŸ™‚ ❀


  3. Dearest Friend,
    I am Very sorry that I had little idea of the magnitude of things going on in your life…the struggles you’ve been facing and the heartaches. I am very sorry for them as well, although you are right #Godhasthis and #UMatter. I will be keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. Change is Challenge, which is good, sometimes, though hard when it happens.

    Blessings of Safety, Courage, Strength and True Friendship rain upon you in gentle showers that will refresh and renew no matter what you go through.


  4. I’ve missed you, Miss Audrey, so I’m glad for the update. Sometimes Life can seem so unfair, but when we realize we’re not the ones driving this wagon, we learn to sit back and enjoy the scenery. ‘Tis harder for some of us than others (must be the “control freak” gene!). Sounds as if you’re learning to relax, appreciating the good stuff, and bearing the not-so-good with grace. It’s called progress…or something like that! πŸ˜‰


  5. Good to see you drop in, Auds. You’ve been enormously busy, so I can understand why you haven’t had the time to post your poetry here. That’s awesome to hear that you love your job. A great thing to look forward to a job that you have to go to five days a week. And I have a big respect for single moms. Keep smiling πŸ™‚


  6. #10 – ah plans, I long ago gave up on those. They never come to fruition. All the best things in my life have happened through sheer chance.
    Well done to your grandad – those long lives put our daily struggles into perspective!


  7. Hello, Audrey, I’m glads to hear from you again. You’re doing fine, you know, and things are working out for the good. Drive safely and enjoy your grandfather’s birthday. I’ll always be here, waiting to read your poetry, beam over your photos.

    Shari *: )


    • I appreciate you, my dear Shari. We’ve been at these ebbs and flows awhile now and I’m grateful for your friendship. Your support is priceless. I’m looking forward to being here more often. I miss my friends. You always bring a smile to my face no matter the subject. Much love to you. β™‘


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