Break Free


I could write
Of yesterday
And the pain it caused,
Or continue to cry 
Over what was lost,
Either one overburdened
And neither,
Change anything.


55 thoughts on “Break Free

  1. Let it go Aud ~ and it seems that is just what you’ve done. There is a great strength behind these words of yours, and excellent photo…I imagine as you finished this prose this is your version of *dropping the mic*


  2. Audrey, I’ve always believed that it is our pain that allows us to be creative. Doesn’t mean I’d ever want anyone to be hurt just to be creative, but it’s worth mentioning that a rent heart opens us up to understanding life in a way that being solid can’t touch.
    You said it better in your words here. A lovely poem, but I hope your tears are gone for a while.


    • I agree. Searching and writing about true love for over two years brought me to the realization that it does exist. And it’s possible to feel and find. I’d forgotten what love felt like, I think, in many ways and my heart wrote of it through the hand of God, so that I would believe in love on every level. His love, a partner’s love, the love of family and so on… My tears are gone. I’m ready to write poetry again. I’m thankful for you.


  3. I’m of the mind that writing and crying are releases for some of the anguish. They don’t change the past, but they can make us feel better. Maybe a little lighter. And that’s helpful, since those burdens can add up.

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  4. Forget yesterday as it is now today and look Forward as it is tomorrow that will become today then. But I think that it was best said in the first Kung Fu Panda movie (lol) Today is a gift because it is the present. Yeah I know it’s a cartoon movie but it was good and they often have some of the most poignant lines in them that ring out so true. Very much like your words above, ring out so true and beautifully spoken. Cheers.

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  5. There’s a lot of wisdom in the phrase “break free,” my friend. The “break” portion carries some pain, some tears, some fears; however, the “free” portion grants you the privilege of soaring, flying, sailing…to the YOU you were meant to be. Embrace change, for ’tis the only certainty in life on this big blue planet!!


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