kilt creasing floret
embrace circle connection
life empowerment

G – Gift

What flows through me

An emotion so deep

My need to please

Not only you, but me.


Does that seem possible?

Allow my soul the peace

It deserves. And the

Submission I 

Thrive on.

Or am I forsaken 

By variance?

This, my fawning,

Empowered in infancy



Clearly anxious, misinformed, she,
Caught up in believing half truths.
Effortless care, still a mystery,
Darling, then along came you.

A path you provided, as her lead,
Encouraged life bright from blue.
A lady, now reborn and finally free,
Adorning light from shadowy hue.

Observing strength, submitting,
From your power, her soul drew.
Radiant eyes beaming belief,
I look in the mirror, I see you.