Life: New Beginnings


You are my new beginning,
the life,
I so badly need.
I feel you
inside of me.
Pushing me to strive harder,
to find a way,
to please you
Not because you demand it,
of me,
but because I am aware
you are the air
I so badly need,
to breathe.


33 thoughts on “Life: New Beginnings

  1. My apologies… I could not find a way to comment on your post of “Sabotage”… So… being the annoyance that I am… I decided to comment on this post, concerning Sabotage… Perhaps I could find no way to comment because of operator error… (otherwise known as old man ignorance)… or perhaps you have turned off the comments section on that post. I have missed your posts, your photos and our conversation greatly over the past ten days and some hours (but whose counting)… I lingered in your words for a while, reading them over many times… and pondered whether I should push the “Like” button or not. Although beautifully written words, a photo beyond magnificence, and the thrill I felt of your return… the message of those words in “Sabotage” have hauntingly lingered in my soul with concern of passion and wonder… I just want you to know that I hope you are well… smiling… and know that you have been dearly missed…
    Thinking of you and sending you *Hugs*
    Michael (the annoyance)

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  2. Such passion. I agree, poetry needs correct Annunciation more perhaps than literal punctuation although… Well I really liked this.


  3. I say…

    Hi, Audrey. I know, I know, it’s not Friday or Saturday, like I said I would check on you, but sometimes you just have to listen to your heart and let it flow. I hope this day has been a good one, for you, as mine has been busy as usual, but enough about me. How’s the weather, been out doing much? You seem to be happy. It shows in your writing. I often have to reread your posts, just to get a better understanding, for you have an ability to knit quite well, but I do feel you releasing yourself in a most lovely way. Always a pleasure, to sit with you in the evening, too. You are aware we have filled a few shoeboxes full of memories, ones I cherish. And your photos, well, they are astonishing as well. I’d like to think you’re speaking to me sometimes, but that would just be foolish on my part.

    Hollywood… I was out there for a whittle bit. Stepped on some stars, had a few shots with some, whiskey, you know. They seem lost. I believe being on a pedestal must have had some kind of an effect on them. Lots of them going to rehab, or demanding more money, which isn’t everything when you get right down to it. But that’s their life, not mine. Mine, hell, couldn’t ask for anything more. I wake up every morning knowing what I have and smile, give thanks and hit the door running, knowing my little family, 2 cats and a dog, are waiting for my return. See, life is full of little things, precious moments and dreams. Can’t change anything. Accept what is and keep going.

    Colorado… This state is rapidly growing, due in part to marijuana being legal now. Me, I believe it’s a waste of money and time to indulge in something that only lasts until you want more. How much is enough, Audrey? I enjoy my whiskey, and yes, it only lasts for a while and costs money, but at least I’m able to keep my senses about me. Don’t see nor hear too much when I mellow out. I often wonder if I purr or snore when I go to sleep. I should tape myself some night, but then I might hear thoughts escaping out of my heart, just waiting to be placed in a poem.

    Alabama, Red Barn… Now I know you just smiled. I mentioned a red barn and your eyes lit up, and you are now listening to what I might say next intently. See, she was a young one, me too. I was out on an adventure, playing and singing in sleazy bars. Spent a weekend with her in the barn, got to know how it felt to have straw against skin. Felt her hands roaming my body, like she was blind. Almost got attached to her, but something was missing, for my heart didn’t feel too much. I tend to allow my heart be the decision maker, while thoughts rumble around in my head. Been lucky to make the right decisions, except once. But that’s gone now, at least here on earth.

    In closing, I want to say thank you for the moments we’ve had here. Happy we met and became friends, which I feel honored to be able to say that to you. 3 months goes by quickly when enjoying good company. I shall always wish you happiness and stop by to leave a quick smile or a silly grin. Just depends, you know. And now, this is where I insert a message to anyone who reads this. You got questions, contact me directly. I enjoy answering questions, but be prepared to hear the truth. I ponder how many folks really know what the truth really is, which gives me a huge advantage.

    Now that pleases my heart. You did ask what I do in my spare time, didn’t you? Well, I been putting a puzzle together, A piece at a time. Each piece has a meaning and fits perfectly. It’s quite beautiful as a matter of fact. And should you have any questions of me, ask, for I sure as hell ain’t scared. What was that? Oh, my shadow! All is well

    Sincerely, Poet, aka Cowboy, aka Jay, aka Charmin’ Charlie, aka, your friend

    You must have been on another planet while writing this, Audrey. Breathe, please


    • I want to know all about Hollywood some day, Jay. Alabama, too. Mostly, the music you were playing back then. I’ve giggled over this posts a few times. I do love when you rattle on. I enjoy the intuition you possess. You know when someone needs a friend. Poet to poet, you are a joy to work with. You’ve inspired me so many times. Without you humor here, I’d have had trouble clearing my head. So much gets stored up here, you know. I know you know, actually. Colorado is a beautiful place. Having your blog to view in order to feel close to that which I love is a blessing. Beyond what I can express with my simple words. Thanks for your friendship. Your support and understanding of my crazy comments. I love great banter and you have been a treasure to have here. The authentic feelings you convey help me be a truer more honest poet. For that I am forever humbled. Enjoy your weekend, Sir. Thanks for reading my poetry. ♡

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    • Dang! You sure do rattle on, Audrey. Simply a pleasure to share Colorado, with you. Poet to Poet, inspiration has been sweetly enjoyed. I feel honored to be included as a source. Reading your poetry, looking deep within each word, I have discovered a Poetess, one that brings light to hearts, with no sugar coating. I admire your ability to see and write of things that most overlook in life. Glad to have been a help to clear your head and that you giggled while reading my very short, effortless comment. As a friend, I sensed you needed an uplifting of sorts. Our crazy exchanges from blog to blog, cherished moments, for time has a way of removing what we love most in life, without a warning. So I, with heart must say, I’m truly humbled each time you leave a comment regarding my poetry or photography. Thank you so much, Audrey, for continuing to read me.

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  4. I liked reading this poem after your previous one (“Waking”) as the two felt quite different to me. Where “Waking” was tender, this one is more intense, a burning. You hit upon powerful lines in this one, Auds.


  5. Oh, my… that magnificent photo makes me want to lie down in that beautiful green grass and just watch those billowy clouds drift into the blue… I do believe I must use that pic to wander into a peaceful ‘other world’ this evening…
    Your words… amazing… As I hear you taking a deep, cleansing breath… you have taken my breath away…


    • Well… In my ‘not too thrilled about punctuation of any kind’… as you can tell by my poetry… I think you shouldn’t try to change perfection… It reads beautifully… just like it was intended. I appreciate the inspiration of my visuals… Now… I am going to crawl inside that picture… lie in the grass… and let your words carry me to unexplored worlds…
      I’m giving you hug at this moment… but if you need another later in the night… you know where to find me…

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  6. Oooh, another beautiful photo. And poem! You’re on a roll, Audrey — isn’t it amazing how some special folks, just by being themselves, can spur us to be our best?!!


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