Complicare: fold together;
Com- ‘together’, plicare- ‘to fold’,
Solves the muck.
Life, you find yourself inside,
And moments we all define,
As complicated.

I know.

Genuine desire,
Of the unknown,
You needn’t shy away.
Intricate dealings,
Birth torture, it seems,
But, admit it, you want to go.

I know.

However, stop and believe,
Trust in the journey,
Watch folded do its part.
Fold your hands in prayer,
Or fold them into mine,
Simply, trust my heart, sublime.

I know.

Care must be given,
Situations, require debate,
Reflection, with a higher power.
Peaceful nod, perfect timing,
Let Him determine fate,
Allow me, to calm your mind.

I know.

Nothing is ever too hard,
Nor will it be easy,
But, fun, yes, it can be.
Steady the course,
Let destiny control,
Either way, life, still beautiful.

I know.


55 thoughts on “Complication

    • Thank you, Kate. You’re so stinkin’ supportive and I so appreciate it. I am trying very hard to stretch myself and my thoughts, so I’m glad you think this turned out okay. I was still very conflicted when I wrote it, but I think the message is still there. Hugs! Enjoy your day! Nothing like a little football to end the weekend on, right? xxx

  1. Wow on two levels ~ love the photo (complicated composure and and exposure) and then the words.
    Nothing quite like complexity to add a little spice to life ~ and this line provides the pop for me: “stop and believe, Trust in the journey, Watch folded do its part. Fold your hands in prayer, Or fold them into mine, Simply, trust my heart, sublime.”

    There is strength and confidence throughout the poem is beautiful ~ warms the soul, showing that amid all this complexity is warmth, caring and love. Special words Audrey Dawn ~

    • Have I mentioned that I missed you, yet? Sigh. Okay. Thanks for your professional eye in regards to my photo, Randall. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about catching a quality photo when I came across this opportunity. I wish I had, but it was early on in my attempts to use my own photography to further express my poetry. A lot of people have commented on those lines in particular, so you’re in good company. I love that you find peace within those words, I’ll admit.

      Thank you ever so for such an fantastic comment. I appreciate you. Your words continue to soothe me, Dalo. Hugs. Wait! I haven’t said hi yet. HI!!! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ It is nice to be missed by someone you miss πŸ™‚
      I always wonder whether the words come before the shot, or whether the shot works itself within the words… A great result whichever route you take! I like the idea of using your own photography with the poetry, it makes your art seamless…

    • :)You’re nothing but trouble for me, Dalo. Love that line… πŸ™‚
      Let’s see. I take the photo, because I feel inspired by it, but I don’t know why, so it sits in the corner over there until the poetic words find me. I have a lot a pictures I think everyone will enjoy, but until I figure out what I’m supposed to say they just sit around. Honestly, some of the photos I use I wouldn’t have chosen to use, but the words just feel like they belong with the picture, ya know? Sounds extremely bat shit crazy, I know, and trust me I know bat shit crazy when I see it, but it’s the creative process I find myself in when I blog and share. I’ve tried using photos online that I have no emotional connection to, but find pretty, and I feel zero inspiration, however, I do find that when I see photos taken by loved ones, a connection is found that I can write from, which excites me. I haven’t decided if it’s your photos or your words that inspire me the most. I’m just thankful they do. Enjoy your week, Mr. Collis. xx

  2. Excellent~ It is nice to see Life running smoothly…
    Thus I wonder why simple things have to be so complex at times… (?). My favourite verses here are :
    “You needn’t shy away/Intricate dealings,
    Birth torture, it seems/But, admit it, you want to go”.
    “Let destiny control/Either way, life, still beautiful”.
    Thanks for the great poetic deliver!. Happy weekend ahead! Aquileana πŸ™‚

    • So glad I provoked some important thinking, Aquileana. Complexity comes down to what our minds are capable of dreaming up. Keeping thoughts simple and allowing fate to guide really is the best route. The best of men taught me that, you know. Thanks for such a kind comment. Enjoy your Saturday!! ~Aud

  3. Hmmm, I really enjoyed this one as well. I agree with the others, I like the fact that it could be used in several different contexts. Audrey Dawn…you are a talented one! πŸ™‚
    And the picture is absolutely awesome! There is just something about those windmills, especially those, they seem to have a lot of character.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Becky

    • Hi, Becky!! Yes, I love that everyone has seen their story in these words. I think it helps everyone feel at ease when we all admit to knowing and understanding complicated.

      Yes, the windmills are poetic, as well. That constant spinning of ideas and the beauty of witnessing the ride.

      I’m happy to see you. Thank you… xx

  4. Love this one, Audrey. I can see it as a mother sending her child into the world, a woman (or man) trying to encourage someone special to commit, or an individual gradually learning to put his trust in God. Wow, all that in just a few lines — you’re amazing, do you know that?!!

  5. First off, that’s a lot of windmills! I bet they sound neat when the wind is really going. Now, for the poem… there is such a warmth, a caring, a sharing of strength here. You’ve sculpted a wondrous, uplifting poem. Thank you.

    • Joshua, this was taken in Oklahoma last year, so the midwest, which if I remember correctly was home for you at one time or another. I’m conflicted in this poem, which is the beauty of it, I guess. I could have gone either way, not sure of my role, in the end. Thanks for stopping in again. Be careful, I’ll get used to it. πŸ˜‰

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