What She Sees

there’s a picture inside her,
her mind, really
an arm gathering her close
a chuckle and nod,
seen outside the corner
of her hazel eye.
mature trees outline
what is before them
sounds of babbling water
fill her head,
smells of lilac
purple, not white
adorn her radiant skin
as the sun’s final kiss
winks just then.
barefoot beauty,
bit of dust upon her toes
boots next to hers
days work shows,
smells of the day
draw her in…
focus takes over
and she’s back
in her office again

Tonight, This Is Who I Am


Preparing for tonight,
Charcoal dress pressed,
Shoes red, high.
Silver jewels, a favorite,
My simple black scarf,
Crimson curls pinned back,
Yet teasing my neck.
Christmas party, downtown,
Minute Maid Park, banquet.
Will smell of testosterone,
And weaken my reserve,
Of this, I’m quite sure.
Best smile upon my face,
Dimples ready to play,
You’ll have it no other way.
Final wish for tonight,
Small of my back,
And your hand in place.
Quick look into my mirror,
Remembering who I am,
Just a small town girl,
Confident, yet amazed.

Your Lady

She chooses who she’ll be
A conformer
A woman is born to dream
A soft skinned girl on her terms
Rough and edgy when she’s protecting
She’ll make you laugh
You’re on top of the world
When she brings you to your knees
Reflections are seen
Her power lives, there’s no denying
She loves you hard
She feels safe
On top of the world
A life you’ll create
Stand beside you, fists drawn
Planted in front, protecting your cause
Even behind you, for her faith
One she believes twas God to create
Behind doors she’s all yours
Treat her like royalty
You’ll forever be her King
Shoot her your infectious smile
She’ll give you anything, heart’s desire
Shy eyes sparkling
Or run to you craving
Agreeing to fulfill your need