Many Layers


Proven to have layers
Multifarious, yet correlated
Too thick
Too flourished
Too deep
Investing, seems risky
Autumn provides
Wooded surroundings
A chosen place to hide
Where anything is possible
And thriving made to look easy


34 thoughts on “Many Layers

  1. This is a great end-of-autumn poem; so many layers created throughout the year ~ not really know what lies beneath but trusting all is well and moving forward boldly and thriving, yet hoping all along those mushrooms you had for dinner are of the edible variety πŸ™‚ Cheers…


    • Thank you, Amy. I’ve been reading and liking (unliking…boohoo) your journey this past week. I hope you know you’ve been in my thoughts. I didn’t want to burden you with too many comments, so I prayed you felt the love. Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well.

      Yeah, maturing, maybe, but mostly just a mood I’m currently in, more than anything. Not hiding…where would I go. Do you think I should hide? Maybe just clear my mind of all things ridiculous, probably. Thanks for popping in and saying hello. Hoping the best for you always! Hugs!! xx


    • Your Light would not ever allow you to hide. Not possible. Bless YOU for your thoughts and prayers, Aud. I had some pretty terrifying days and it was the LOVE I received at Petals that helped pull me through. May YOU have a wonderful Holiday filled with Love and Magic!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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