Copper Top


Proof of autumnal equinox growth
Statues of copper and gold
Inquisite offerings below
A bed of blonde pine needles
Seasonal textures, blanket of relief


42 thoughts on “Copper Top

  1. I think there’s no in at the ‘shroom, Aud.

    The copper tops are all tight and secure at this time of the year, aren’t they?

    Seasonal textures, blankets of relief, indeed. Well done, Red.


  2. I love the Fall and the blanket of pine needles. The break between below/a bed was interesting. It made me have to stop and read it twice. So much internet poetry is sing-song – which is fine, but kind of makes you a bit rusty – that I expected the thought to break where it was not intended. A good wake-up on a cold, November morning.


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