Starlet Beauty


Light enhances a heliotrope tinge
Starlet becomes a beautiful specimen
Without her, we’re left simply craving
Roaming gardens for an alternative
Proving she’s the one above all else
We’d rather wait for with baited breath
Upon a tower, for one small glimpse
Of the unique and luminous bellflower


53 thoughts on “Starlet Beauty

  1. You had me at “heliotrope,” and then you had me more at how much you appreciated this beautiful star.

  2. Now, Audrey, I do attest, you had me puzzled, for in your response, you made a sad face. I read this again, and I was taken away by your sheer mastery of words. Why are you sad today when this poem is such a delight? xx

  3. Aren’t they lovely! I tried growing them but didn’t have much luck. They are a perennial aren’t they? (The poem is perfect for them too)

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