Hanging Out – Part 1

Rajiv, took this photo from a train years ago. He mentioned his experience after viewing my photo from the motorcycle. I’ve nicknamed him our Indian Cowboy. This is a stunning photo. Enjoy! Thanks again, for taking the time to post this, my friend. *curtsy*

A Gypsy's Life In Black And White

While Hanging Out While Hanging Out

This post, and the next, are dedicated to Audrey Dawn, who took a photo from a motorcycle. This is one that I took some years back, while hanging out of a train. I had one foot in the train, and the rest of me was outside. I took care to ensure that my camera strap was slung around my neck, and I took photos with gay abandon, oblivious to the possibility of twigs scratching my face, or even falling off.

In those days, I used to travel this way quite often, and I have some entertaining stories (and memories) of the crazy train trips I have taken.

There is danger as well. I have seen the body parts of a man being shovelled into a container. He must have fallen, and his body was chopped up into three or four parts. I have seen one more…

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