Renaissance Man


I rode with my brother in law for a bit while the weather was cooperating the other day. I trust him with my life, so while riding his motorcycle I took a few pictures of our time together. Everyone say HI to my BIL, Double D. He’s been keeping my baby sister happy for years.

DD’s a man’s man, a diesel mechanic, and a farm boy originally from Colorado. The bonus is that this gem of a man is brilliant and plays the piano, as well. Nothing hotter than a Renaissance Man. My Sis can pick’em. Thanks for the ride, Double D. Love ya!

Open road
Ya wanna go
We’ll travel slow
Enjoy today’s breeze
Command the bike easily
Yellow all around me and you
Chance meetings upon going faster
Random photography creates laughter


55 thoughts on “Renaissance Man

  1. Awe…this is perfect! But now he can only ride the bike because his head will no longer fit in the pickup. πŸ˜‰ love ya sis


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