Oh, Yeah!

I saw you first
Yeah, you were there
All powerful
Amongst the rest of your crew
Looking all cool and fascinating
Yes, you!
I felt nothing but intrigue
You were all my eyes could see

I approached you hesitantly
You would be a lot for me
Just look at your surroundings
Yet, our eyes locked
Yours shining
Mine craving
Suddenly I felt free
Heart quickening
Soul waking up
Life as we knew it – over
The submitting would take two

I asked for a moment from you
An agreement was made
We’d go for a quick ride outside
Sliding in took little effort
I’d waited a long time
Wondering how fast you’d take me
A shy girl with a thrill for a fast ride
One push from me
Fire created suddenly

With permission granted
You carefully took me
All those places I’d been craving
I’m not surprised
You knew what you were doing
Owning me by the first curve
My release finally coming
After admitting
I could easily dominate you

I sit here now satisfied
You with that stupid grin
I can’t wait to show you off
Dodge Charger
You couldn’t be hotter
You and your new car smell
My tomorrow’s Show And Tell

I love my new car!!

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