Looking Back

daylight cruises
toward nightfall
and I remember when.
Bon Jovi sang
it isn’t hearts breaking even,
which is why, I still delight
in all that was genuine.
I know my decision
you to feel a similar pain,
I’d just finally decided
we were too young to die
this way.

My Confession 

T’was not work
Creating you,
Inside my mind.
I felt you arrive,
Every. Single. Time.
Me, creative soul
Turned prima dona, maybe.
Mostly, a simple woman.
You laid upon my heart
With your words.
Not for me, you insisted,
But I took them as my own
Because without them
I was still ordinarily alone.
More than anything,
I didn’t want to be.
A shame,
For I am audacious,
Clearly seeing
Myself now
And I love me.