confusion sets the tone
pitch black
nothing makes sense
and I’m suddenly alone
highlighted: is
everything i lack


24 thoughts on “Dark

  1. my life, my music and my thought pattern neatly said right there. Brilliant! I love that you say so much in so few lines. Its wonderful wall of words has no equal. Much love and adoration as always xo

    • Duke, last night as I was trying to reply to comments I was slapped with a realization. One I didn’t see coming. This poem came pouring out. This morning light returns, but there’s something about how I felt last night which brought on complete sadness. I hope my poem brought you positive feelings. Your outlook is a brilliant one. I can always count on you for a smile. Thank you for your praise. I’m humbled. Deeply. Much love to you. xoxo

    • I’m chuffed my comments got you to smile : ) it definitely did bring out positivity and inspiration. Drop me an email sometime I have a pretty cool idea to throw by you! : ) XOXOXO

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