A beauty on the outside,
Slowly dying within,
Take me somewhere today, I haven’t been.
Don’t look at me in splendor,
Approach me with interest,
Center my thoughts, find my grin
When a woman is pensive,
Much like a rose,
Sat quietly in the light, beginning to grow.
Come to me she beckons,
Velvet to the touch,
Warmth of your heat, begins the death of me.
To be on display for your charms,
We’d take it no other way,
Unfolding petals, disarmed.

24 thoughts on “Red

  1. “slowly dying within…..”

    ???? I’m gonna be one of your only detractors today and say REALLY??? Sounds so depressing, beautiful on the outside but dying on the inside. Dude, it was beautifully written as usual, but left me feeling a bit lonesome, but perhaps that is what you wanted me to feel πŸ˜‰


    • Aren’t all things living “slowly dying within”, Mr. J?

      I have a soft spot for your detracting. I suppose it sends the message of grab whatever it is you want now. Not to wait.
      Thank you for telling me that my poem was beautiful, Kenneth. Maybe I did want you to feel lonesome. Am I capable of such mean wishes? No! Let me just answer that now before you go on a rant. πŸ˜‰


  2. Love “velvet to the touch”. The very thing I think of when looking at a beautiful rose. Beautiful poem Audrey.


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