There’s this face I see
In the mirror
Occasionally lost in fantasy
Pushing through
Emotionless days
I’m done looking
Show your rays
Fingers pointing out
All my flaws
One freckle
Two freckles, gone
Forget it
Lost cause
Nose too short
Cheeks too big
None mine
All inherited
Should be thankful
Proud, too
Yet poisoned
By You



Water, excitedly rushing down
Thank you for cleansing
Not the rocks, but me
Cooling sprinkles of your touch
My skin reacts
Dreaming of the summer heat
Providing me a sweet dream
You laying over me
Drifting in imagery
In the waves and out again
Clearing our minds of everything
The greenest of palm leaves
I wear them proudly
Dancing on the beach
You and me
Hearts beating
We listen to the drummers
All for us
Water nearby beckons again
Proud to wash your pain away
This moment
This dream
I’m here to stay
Creating our reality
Can I live with today’s fate
Just me and a waterfall

Shades Of You

Like a soft breeze
Tonight you arrived
Feeling you
All majestic
Exhaling with relief
You have the ability
Yes, to surprise
Violence to such a degree
Shades of you
Not a picture of love
Most importantly
It scared me
Point proven
Yet, not moving away
Onward movement
Like a dream
You opened your soul
A beautiful piece
It was a pleasure to see
Thank you
A better understanding


Raindrops on roses
A sight I seek
Your teardrops
To drink
I’ve loved you forever
My heart has always known
A constant search
From left to right
Feeling foolish
Scared of the unknown
Not prepared
For shiny lights
It seems
From the beginning
Is what I mean
Neither knowing
Until recently
When love rules
I’m left
Show me love
Faithfulness true
Possessing powerful
Thoughts of you
Do you question
My feelings
Yes, of course
I love you

She’s Tight

My past
Taught me how to feel
Wiped me clean
Trust nobody
Speak of only pleasantries
Happiness always favored
Darkness nonexistent
Always available
Soft shouldered girl
A quiet ear bending
My dear,
Let them tell you anything
Don’t fight
Never a cross word
Truth thought absurd
Look beautiful
Shan’t let them see me cry
Oh the lies, lies, lies
My feelings meant for nobody
Stay controlled
Find my fate