She’s Tight

My past
Taught me how to feel
Wiped me clean
Trust nobody
Speak of only pleasantries
Happiness always favored
Darkness nonexistent
Always available
Soft shouldered girl
A quiet ear bending
My dear,
Let them tell you anything
Don’t fight
Never a cross word
Truth thought absurd
Look beautiful
Shan’t let them see me cry
Oh the lies, lies, lies
My feelings meant for nobody
Stay controlled
Find my fate


19 thoughts on “She’s Tight

    • Thank you, Shari. Just getting in deep with my book. The poetry is lending its ear that way. I will take you up on that offer. Don’t be surprised if I send a note. Writing my heart out is tough stuff. Not to mention trying to stay calm through it all.

      Hugs and thank you so much for showing me your concern.

  1. Interesting. Makes me think about how people never want to hear complaints even if they ask for an honest answer to ‘how are you doing?’ Shows how many people only want to hear about the good events in a person’s life.

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