Nothing connects, right now
Words narrowly escape deletion
With everything I have, I try
Not to find disgust, oozing
From my pores, which lack essence
Truthfulness and ability
I’m losing the battle, daily
Believing I am, nothing

I want you to know I am writing, but this is all that has come out the last few days.

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Wrap Me


Wrap me tight
I need to feel you
Whisper that I’m okay
To be lost this way
I know you’ve been here
This same place
Maybe different thoughts
Yet, always same place
Full of pressure
Yet, not alone
But all alone
You know?
Smiles on the outside
Tears allowed
Only for me
I could be
A different breed
Women need
Women seek
Advice, daily
Not me
I couldn’t possibly
Show weakness?
Not in front of you

Failing You

I’m not there for you today
The fact still escapes me
Never in all my dreams could I see
Not getting to you when you’re in need
I always said I’d lead
Be there for each one of you
Parents, too
I’m the Sister
I’m the Daughter
No matter the distance
Today marks another weakness
I’ve allowed distance to limit
All my most inherited instincts
I’m so sorry
I’m here going on about my day
The rest of you, in a waiting room
Keep me posted
I’m failing all of you
Damn, Texas and all the distance
Mom,  today, you’re on my mind

Tell Him Everything

Be quiet
Do you see him
Over there
I wish you could
Reaffirm he was my sleeper
Relieve my fear
Proof that he existed
My only concern
When you find him
Tell him everything

He is
Every breath of his
A word of beauty
Trust me
You’ll want a piece
A piece of whatever
He’s serving
Try to catch him
But when you do
Tell him everything

When he’s with me
I am complete desire
Back then
Twas all new for me
Yet, I haven’t seen him
Not in a while
When I wanted
All I had to do
Was wave my feather
His hands would come
Willing and ready
Helping me
Create poetry
My advice, my friend
Tell him everything

He’d love you
Confident beacon of light
You’d love him
A beautiful distraction
Exciting news
He may be searching for you
Look around quick
Spy his wit
Let him in
Tell him everything

Take the ride I denied
Please him
Let loose of your control
Give him your eyes
Tell him everything
Just do it slow
Enjoy the ride
Allow conversation to flow
Words of love and devotion
Pleased him ever so
Made me afraid
And now it’s too late
For me
No chance
Of telling him everything

He’s gone on searching
For his one true love
You must go find him
Whoever you are
He’s waiting
Just one thing
For me
A promise, please
It’ll stop my aching
Tell him
Give him
Allow him


Thoughts of you return
There isn’t much I can do
Learning to write without you
Praying it isn’t true

Like a feather
My fingers touch
Words have meaning
Lost and grieving

Producing creativity together
Light as a feather
Fragile, too
Say it isn’t true

Does it bother thee
When I think of you
It must
My kiss, it went refused


Walking beaches
Holding on
Where water
Meets sky
Do you see me
Becoming one
Love’s Geminis
Witnessing beauty
Chance meeting
A conclusion
For all my searching
Have you
Have I
Over a rainbow
Shakespeare’s Viola
A Bonnie for his Clyde
Wishing on stars
Walking through waters
Skipping rocks
Looking for his face
Reoccurring waves

Written 2-1-14

Redheaded Sister’s Saddness

I miss my sisters.
I need them today.
A feeling only sisters should witness, has come to stay.

The words I shutter, please find me, I pray.
You can lay your head on my shoulder.
The only act I need, please come and sit with me.

I want you to twirl my red curls around your finger.
As you lay your leg across my knee.
I wanna be near you and wait for my heart to relax.

It’s been through all shapes and sizes for far too long.
Living away still confuses me, am I on the right track?
My heart wonders around looking for truth.

Up and down it goes as my mind searches for you.
Which way to turn for safety, I cannot rightly say
Without your voice I am lost today.

I desire the words that ring honestly true,
“Oh Auddie…we need you.”