Failing You

I’m not there for you today
The fact still escapes me
Never in all my dreams could I see
Not getting to you when you’re in need
I always said I’d lead
Be there for each one of you
Parents, too
I’m the Sister
I’m the Daughter
No matter the distance
Today marks another weakness
I’ve allowed distance to limit
All my most inherited instincts
I’m so sorry
I’m here going on about my day
The rest of you, in a waiting room
Keep me posted
I’m failing all of you
Damn, Texas and all the distance
Mom,  today, you’re on my mind


16 thoughts on “Failing You

  1. Oh Audrey…don’t beat yourself up like this. Do what you can, where you are, and trust that you are very important to your family, no matter where you are. They still need you and your support, even if it’s not in person. I really hope, that some way, some how…you can be there in person to join their hands. But if that’s not possible…they will understand. Hang on!

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