Blue Shiver


Tarry a shiver
Feather on through
Allow blissful moments
Ultramarine view, paradise


45 thoughts on “Blue Shiver

  1. Oh, for a beautiful day like that! Audrey, I NEED some sunshine — I tolerate the cold, but the dreariness is most off-putting. Guess I shouldn’t complain, though. I’m not shoveling like those poor folks out East, nor am I fretting over the power going out and freezing half to death!

  2. I like the poem, reminds me of Blue October’s “Into The Ocean”. I noticed the pattern as well, 3 words per line, each line a little longer than the last. Nice form!

    (Feel free to send me a re-follow request. I wanted to step back from public blogging for awhile, and setting my blog to private forced everyone to automatically unsubscribe!)

    • What a great song, Ry. Your thought made me smile. Yes, well, sometimes I think before I write and sometimes I write before thinking. Glad you enjoyed this form. I sorta like the gradual line change. It looks pretty. I can be quite a girl, you see. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading.

      (I appreciate the heads up!)

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