Work Day

spring is your season, silly girl
smile a little, won’t kill ya,
lost it some time ago.
business as usual
get to work, gonna be a beautiful day.


23 thoughts on “Work Day

  1. So much to comment on…I’ll pick one…’fate’ never tells you anything. It’s always a surprise. As for maps–unless you make your own as you move along your journey, they’re made by others. And though, they may have covered the same ground before, the landscape and the way the shadows are cast from signposts along the way are always seen from different angles, open for interpretations by oneself who’s key to their verification changes as rapidly as the importance we place on what comes next–it’s a crap shoot–enjoy the trip. I have so far. Later. KB.


    • I appreciate your willingness to stop by and read, K.B. Gosh, I don’t know, I’ve trusted fate for so many years and been left to question my ability to read the lesson offered correctly. Often times I twist the moment into what I want instead of flowing through waiting to see where I’m headed. I sense I’m headed into a season of allowing fate’s steadfast surprise.

      Now, maps I like because they are exact. I shy away from creating a map of my own because I’ve navigated my entire life. Turns out maybe I’m terrible at it. Once thought following another’s map would work out. I wanted it to. It didn’t. Began navigating on my own again a few years back and things seem fantastic. Yet, my soul senses a captain in my future. Maybe I allow fate to do its job. Someone to learn from, make a map alongside and reach places I didn’t know existed sounds like a completeness I’ve daydreamed of for a long time.

      I’m rambling.

      Quite poetic your map comment. Yea. Thelma and Louise it. I get it.

      Very nice to have a constructive comment. I appreciate it. My apologies for chatter, – Audrey


  2. There’s that phrase “taking it in your stride”.

    Brought to mind this:


    Oats: two spoons
    Water: half a pint
    Salt: a pinch
    Some sugar
    A handful of sultanas
    The bell rings: round one

    ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~
    (I like porridge. 🙂 )

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