Too much?

Listening to this on repeat today. And then my daily reading has me brought to tears. (As does much of what I’m reading today. A message is supposed to get to me, I think.

It has me focused on the last three words.

What woman doesn’t want to hear this from the man she’s devoted to? I cling to the idea love like this exists. I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for true devotion.

Pitiful Girl.

Adding the entire reading, as it might be helpful to another.


33 thoughts on “Too much?

  1. This song is so beautiful, Audrey. I hope you find what you’re longing for and that it’s just over the horizon. I have no words on Faith right now because I’m struggling in that area, as well. Sending love and hugs…


  2. Hard to get that kind of devotion from a human, my friend. Not saying it’s not possible; not saying we don’t search diligently for it. Maybe that’s why dogs are so popular?!!


  3. Some days we are a hot mess and most everything brings the tears. I always embrace the day as a sign of my continued caring for life and love. Having said that, here is a margarita. Goes well with salt tears.


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