Pools of teardrops 


Behind my eyelids 

Writing becomes impossible

As the rock in my throat

Forces pain

My voice continues 

Yet silent

I begged for this path

It is mine.


31 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Third time I’ve read this, and always the same reaction. You’re writing you, but also me and probably many others. Sometimes it’s so painful to speak as memories surface and evoke past pain and longing. But you’re on a journey, you have much more to travel, and there will be joy along the way.


  2. Your creativity, dear Audrey, will heal you. I know I understand I relate only too well right now. Keep on writing, keep on taking images, get lost in a world of your own making and the pain will subside over time. Faith says it shall. Amen. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. You had me with the photo of the Spanish Moss, Audrey — such a hauntingly beautiful pest!! Just be glad you *can* write through the pain. How awful it would be, having NO outlet to express oneself!! Remember, you don’t have to show your most private words, either. Some things are best reserved for the dust bunnies beneath the bed…or the shredder!!


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