Where SHE Needs HIM To Be…


Asked, ” where does SHE need HIM to be?”
my poetry, as of late, offers questioning.
I don’t know, quite honestly,
I suspect, he knows,
believing when she is cared for,
love will feel like a drop of dew,
by a mountain view.
waking a heart from the start,
answering before the questions begin,
functioning on complete trust,
not yesterday’s sins.
HIM will know this heart of hers,
SHE his soulmate,
HIM, the one who understands,
the directions SHE will go, listens.
leading effortlessly, watchingΒ ,
with pride,
he already knows,
similar they are inside.
no effort required, mostly,
shouldn’t love be that easy?
HIM and SHE believe in connection
eternity born from fated opportunity.

For Shari, who asked me, “What about where SHE needs HIM to be?” I hope this is a sufficient answer. My first follower, now a dear friend, I adore you. I appreciate you watching over me. Thanks for offering a chance for me to ponder your question.


32 thoughts on “Where SHE Needs HIM To Be…

  1. I enjoyed your meditation over the question that was posed to you. It feels of two people finding connections and answers together. Which, of course, is a wonderful thing πŸ™‚

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  2. Love is when you look in a mirror and see the best qualities of your beloved.

    Or as you wrote so much better:
    love will feel like a drop of dew,
    by a mountain view

    Lovely, of course, Audrey. BTW: am I really your first follower?? Wow! I am most and truly honored!

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